Flash Fiction: Revenge

by Mitchell Dyer

Sobs and breaking glass drown out the hateful profanity spewing from the upstairs window. I’m too hypnotized by the fire on the walkway to listen. If it took her this long to find me out, well, it isn’t my fault anymore. The flames wave gently as if to say goodbye. I loved those clothes. Bitch.  She’s too absorbed in her own shrill shrieking to hear my key click. The hooks of our now empty coat rack become my hands. Scorched leather swarms my nostrils as the burning bundle flops onto the sofa. It’s amazing how fast fire spreads.


I’ve only recently discovered Chuck Wendig, whose Terrible Minds blog is a terrific resource for writers. I missed the Flash Fiction last Friday, a 100-word short-story challenge centering on revenge, but I am opting to do it anyway. This is the first fiction I have ever published. Ever. Sorry. I’m hoping to keep up with this weekly. In a year, I’ll look back at this post and laugh hysterically at how that turned out.